Judge Julie Truly And The Case Of The Holey Roof

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Kimberly Ingram, Joe Milton, Heather Olson

Order in the Court! All rise for Her Honor, Judge Julie Truly, who will now hear the Case of the Holey Roof from the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 5. Meet the Homeowner: he is pressing charges against the Four Friends. (They dug a hole in his roof - on purpose!) Meet our Defendants: “Four Famously Faithful Friends” who went over and above to bring their paralyzed friend to Jesus. The testimony will move you, the verdict will surprise you, and we will all learn how our LOVE IN ACTION can bring people right to the feet of our Savior.

Unison with optional harmony

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Product Reviews

Simply the BEST

BY Rev. Brenda Stobbe ON 2016-03-01 5 Stars

We just finished leading worship with "Judge Julie Truly"! I wish there were six or seven stars to give this production, because I would rate it as high as possible. The music is delightful and wonderfully singable for children. The script is touching, funny, thoughtful and theologically sound. The Biblical interpretation is outstanding. Our children loved it and the response from our congregation was wildly enthusiastic. We've now done What's Up Zak? The Land of the Lost and Found and Judge Julie. Every one of these shows is outstanding. I only wish there were more of them! Hats off to Open Heart Musical! They've stayed away from cheap grace and embraced the grace of God's love and justice for all people. Only word of warning: You'll be singing these songs forever!!

Verdict: A Brilliant Blessing of a musical!

BY Merrie Nell Spence ON 2015-09-22 5 Stars

This musical is truly beautiful and full of meaning both for the performers and the audience. The music and script is simple and basic enough to be learned by children and teens quickly, but complex enough to offer challenges a-plenty. My congregation and performers alike are still talking about this amazing show as well as still singing the tunes. The story offers plenty of opportunities for learning, bible study, and devotionals . I cannot speak highly enough of this piece!

Judge Julie was a hit!

BY Kim O'Neil ON 2015-09-22 5 Stars

We had the pleasure of performing "Judge Julie" this past summer and absolutely loved this musical. It was so exciting and fresh to be able to tell a musical story, taken from the New Testament . The music was lively and thought provoking. The lessons learned by our children from "Judge Julie" were life changing and affirming.