Camel Lot by Cyndi Nine

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Cyndi Nine • Rob Howard • David Guthrie

From the people who brought you Life School Musical and Let’s Rock! Beth has been practicing hard for the church Christmas pageant. Her Dad (who runs a car dealership), may be too busy with Christmas car sales to make it to the program. Exhausted from practice, she drifts off to sleep. Transported by Beth’s imagination (and a sound effect or two!) we all “wake up” in Bethlehem on a very special day, and in a most unusual place -- the Camel Lot! It’s all here . . . music your kids really want to sing, a story everybody will love, and the clear, simple message of Jesus the Savior, sent to our world to redeem sinful humanity.

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Product Reviews

Excellent and Exciting!!

BY Barbara Dyer ON 2010-01-05 5 Stars

We performed Camel Lot this year with about 100 children from 3-5 grades. We had a lot of fun learning the songs and the script. The audience loved it and are still talking about it. They want to know where I get my music. I teach at a Catholic school and until I came 3 yrs ago they weren't familiar with this type of program. Now they look forward to them each year. The only problem is finding something better for the next year. This was excellent and we performed to a packed house. Some of the people liked it so much that we performed it the second time. Keep the great programs coming. Thanks a million.
Barbara Dyer
Holy Redeemer Catholic School
Kissimmee,FL 34741

Best Christmas Play ever.

BY Chloe Cady, 5th grade ON 2009-12-01 5 Stars

My school is doing this great Christmas play this year. I'm acctually playing Deborah, one of the shephards in the dream. My best friend is playing Beth, the slumbering daughter of Barnabas, the owner of the Camel Lot. I think it is a magnificent Christmas play and really tells you what it's about. Jesus Christ coming into the world to die on the cross for our sins. Absolutley amazing grace. The songs, I love, and every one else does too. My music teacher, Nina Aardahl did a great job teaching all of the kids the songs, but it wasn't that had cause there is only four classes. All of the actions are fun too. tnx.