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Music Florida 2017 Best Sellers


Music Florida 2017 Best Sellers



TOP 25 Anthems from the Main General Session

Because He Lives 104829L Lorenz
Trust in You 005790406 Lifeway 
In the Presence of Jehovah 4575734347 Brentwood-Benson
How Can it Be 005788310 Lifeway
Spirit Sing 104846L Lorenz
Creation Calls 005788316 Lifeway 
Grace Upon Grace  105066MD Lorenz/Medallion
O Praise the Name 080689470233 Word
God is all you Need 104805L Lorenz
God of all My Days 4575733417 Brentwood-Benson
Same Power 005788311 Lifeway 
Without the Cross 797242174797 PraiseGathering
God of Calvary  4575735367 Brentwood-Benson
Shout Hosanna 080689453236 Word
I will Boast w/ The Solid  4575732727 Brentwood-Benson
Lamb of God  005784747 Lifeway 
Make me an Instrument of Thy 103509M Lorenz
All Creatures Praise Him 105072MD Lorenz/Medallion
Forgiven 4575735307 Brentwood-Benson
For Your Beauty  35031288 Hal Leonard
Resurrecting 4575733607 Brentwood-Benson
Mercy Tree 4575732847 Brentwood-Benson
Simple Gifts  105073MD Lorenz/Medallion
Agnus Dei C6071 Hope
God With Us  797242356896 PraiseGathering



Top 5 Books from the Main General Session 


The Crimson Gospel  4575732207 Brentwood-Benson
Through the Torn Curtain  797242381393 PraiseGathering
Transformed  080689572173 Word
The Tomb is Empty Now  080689562174 Word
More Songs 8  080689569173 Word


Top 15 Anthems from the Traditional Session


God Is All You Need 104805L Lorenz
Make Me An Instrument 104841L Lorenz
For Your Beauty 35031288 Shawnee
Agnus Dei   Hope
Breathe on Me 104843L Lorenz
Let Everything with Breath Praise 104820L Lorenz
Joy Comes in the Morning 46242 Alfred
Back to theChruch in the Wildwood 104844L Lorenz
Christians, Celebrate and Sing! 18933 Alfred
Committin' The Day 35031230 Shawnee
On Paths to Answered Prayer 35031277 Shawnee
Meeting in the Air 46236 Alfred
You Sing Over Me 35031219 Shawnee
I Surrender All  C6082 Hope
The Day the Savior Died for Me C6062 Hope