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Ministry and Technology Expo


Kempke's Music Pro Audio, Video and Lighting Technology Expo

Jan 2nd & 3rd, 2018

Tuesday & Wednesday

Held at the

Doubletree SEA WORLD in Orlando, FL  

SEMINAR 1  -  9:35 – 10:40AM  -  Brian Restzlaff  


Let’s Stream!  A guide to streaming in Houses of Worship 


Streaming in churches has become a necessary worship component.  Many potential congregants won’t even consider going to a new church if the web site doesn’t have an archive of streamed services.  This session will focus on the necessary hardware, software, connectivity, services, and training your church will need to start streaming.  It will be presented in a way where anyone who has watched a “Facebook Live” stream will be able to understand what is being discussed.


Brian Retzlaff is a veteran audio/visual professional who has helped countless churches and industries design and implement video solutions.  He currently works for Milestone AV Technologies as the Regional Sales Manager for Vaddio.  Brian presents to multiple different organizations on multiple AV topics throughout the year and has a long history of providing just-in-time training to those considering major AV investments.  Brian’s background is in education with a BS in Mathematics and Education.


SEMINAR 2 -  10:45 – 11:50   -   Andrew Kornstein


Wireless System Design


Join us as we explore the ins and outs of Wireless Microphones and IEMs. We’ll discuss basic theory, antenna system design, and best practices to ensure maximum stability and reliability, while addressing the ever changing FCC regulations.


Andrew Kornstein serves on Sennheiser’s Customer Development and Application Engineering team. His job is to work with customers to find the best wireless solutions for their particular needs. Prior to working at Sennheiser, Andrew spent 8 years on church staff, and currently volunteers on the audio team at his church.


Browse Time 2:20 – 3:05pm


Presonus MixLab  3:05    -   Doug Gould


Doug has been a veteran of the Pro Audio and Music Technology Industry for nearly 30 years, serving in management roles at Shure, Tascam and E-Mu Systems and also serves as a worship leader, musician and tech at various churches throughout his esteemed career.


Over the last twelve years Doug has been a very effective presenter at hundreds of worship conferences all over North America and beyond, focusing his experience to consult and teach others.





9:00 – 9:50am 

Mixing Monitors   -   Doug Gould

It’s safe to say that the platform volume level has seriously degraded the front of house (Main Mix) in our churches, especially the small to mid sized church. How do we mitigate the levels of sound coming from the stage so that the congregation and the musicians all hear what they need to at an appropriate level? Floor monitors, wedges, are also the leading cause of feedback and we will show you how to “Ring Out the Monitors” to reduce the possibility of that occurring. What advantages do personal monitors afford over wedges? We’ll teach you tips and techniques to make everybody on the stage and in the sanctuary happy.



9:50 – 10:40am

The Pre-requisite for a Great Mix: Arranging the Band!   -   Doug Gould

As a worship leader and musician, I know that my sound guy will never be able to give me the best mix unless I do the prep work. This is called arranging the band. It's mandatory for music and we will show you some very specific illustrations of what you need to do to get a great sound before it goes to the mixing desk.

Music is not just about playing it's about listening too. As a music director you will have to tell your musicians, especially if they have never played professionally, what, where and when to play. There are some very simple arrangements that are commonly used to make the band sound great, lower the frustration of your sound guy and help your congregation engage.



10:40 – 11:30am

How Can we Help our Congregations to Sing?  -  Doug Gould

Whether you’re a tech, worship leader or the pastor, there are many things each of us can do to encourage the congregation to participate in worship. We will explore these areas giving practical applications that you will want to implement as soon as possible.



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A few of the Vendors represented:
AKG Acoustics • Allen & Heath • QSC • Furman • Sanyo • Roland • Telex •
Electro Voice • Elation Lighting • Techni – Lux • Hitachi • Canon •
Sennheiser • Dynacord • HHB • Eiki • Kramer • Shure • TC Electronic •
MediaShout • Audix • Renkus-Heinz • Alesis • Listen Technologies • QSC •
Monster • Behringer • Korg • Chief • Lightronics • Blue Sky • Midas •
Presonus • Klark Teknik • Hear Back • Aviom • JBL • Crown • DBX •
Community • Samson • Fender • BBE • Audio Technica • Applied Electronics •
FSR • And many more!